Accommodation within 10 miles
Listed by distance from Bewcastle Church

Demesne Farm Cottage: Self catering
At Bewcastle
Demesne, Bewcastle, Carlisle, CA6 6PX
Self catering
Lynne Hols
Demesne Farm Cottage, Bewcastle
Keepers Cottage: Self catering
1 mile from Bewcastle
High Grains, Bewcastle, Carlisle, CA6 6PT
Keeper’s Cottage, a former shooting lodge located in High Grains’ farmstead, has been thoughtfully restored and can comfortably accommodate four adults and two children.
Alison Roberts
Keeper's Cottage, Bewcastle
Stones Barn: Self catering
1 mile from Bewcastle
The Steppings, Bewcastle,
Carlisle, CA6 6PW

A converted underheated stone barn able to accommodate three people comfortably. Perfect for retreat or quiet holiday
Nicky Beecham
016977 3103
Stones barn, Bewcastle
Stones Barn Farm
1 mile from Bewcastle
The Steppings, Bewcastle,
Carlisle, CA6 6PW

Farmhouse can accommodate 4/5.
Quiet riparian dwelling.
Nicky Beecham
016977 3103
Stones Barn Farm
Damhead: Bed and Breakfast
4.8 miles from Bewcastle
Lyneholmeford, Roweltown,
Carlisle, CA6 6LQ

An old farmhouse nestled beside the White Lyne River in the heart of Reiver country in north Cumbria, offering warm and friendly hospitality in a family run bed and breakfast.
Tricia Coombe
016977 48833
Damhead, Lyneholmeford, Cumbria
Drove Inn: B&B and pub
5.8 miles from Bewcastle
Roweltown, Carlisle, CA6 6LB
Kathy Rawlings
The Drove, Roweltown

Bailey Mill
6 miles from Bewcastle
Bailey, Newcastleton, TD9 0TR
Bailey Mill is a small, friendly holiday complex which offers you and your family tailor made holidays to suit all your needs.
Pam and Ian Copeland

Bailey Mill
Saughs Farm: B&B
6.8 miles from Bewcastle
Bailey, Roadhead, Cumbria, TD9 0TT
Sally Spencer
Saughs Farm, Roadhead, Cumbria
Walton High Rigg: B&B
7.6 miles from Bewcastle

Walton, Brampton, CA8 2AZ
Margaret Mounsey
Walton High Rigg, Cumbria
Quarryside: B&B
8.7 miles from Bewcastle
Banks, Brampton, CA8 2JH
David and Elizabeth Harding
Quarryside, Brampton, Cumbria
Low Rigg Farm: B&B
9.3 miles from Brampton
Walton, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 2DX
Ann Thompson
Low Rigg Farm, Walton, Cumbria
Briar Lea House: B&B
9.3 miles from Bewcastle
Longtown, Cumbria, CA6 5TA
Keith Mashiter
Briar Lea House, Longtown, Cumbria
Bessiestown Country Guesthouse: B&B
9.4 miles
Catlowdy, Longtown, Carlisle, CA6 5QP
Margaret Sisson
01228 577219
Bessietown Country Guesthouse, Cumbria

Craigburn Farmhouse: B&B
9.4 miles from Bewcastle
Penton, Carlisle, CA6 5QP
Louise Lawson

Craigburn Farmhouse, Penton, Cumbria
Abbey Bridge: B&B
9.6 miles from Bewcastle
Lanercost, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 2HG
Tim Hatt
Abbey Bridge, Lanercost, Cumbria
Abbey Mill: B&B
9.6 miles from Bewcastle
Lanercost, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 2HG
David Bamford
Abbey Mill, Lanercost, Cumbria