July    2022 ————-BENEFICE NEWS————-  July   2022

 For enquiries please contact Revd Dr Robert Brown
Priest-in-Charge, Bewcastle, Stapleton and Kirklinton with Hethersgill
A: Greenholme, Bewcastle, Cumbria, CA6 6PW
T: 016977 48438     email: Robert.Brown@BewcastleHouseOfPrayer.org.uk

 Church Services for July   

  Bewcastle Hethersgill Kirklinton Stapleton
3rd July

Trinity 4

    10 am

Holy Baptism

10th July

Trinity 5

      10 am HC
17th July

Trinity 6

6 pm


24th July

Trinity 7

  10 am HC    
31st July

Trinity 8

    10 am

Holy Baptism

7th August

Trinity 9

      10 am

Morning Prayer

 Knowe United Reformed Church, Bewcastle

Services first Sunday in month 2.15pm

 Church Notices

  From the Registers

Baptisms:  Sebastian Wystan Gabriel Davies (b. 15/06/2021), at St Cuthbert Kirklinton, Sunday 29th May 2022

Darcie Louise Barrett (b. 6/10/2021), at St Cuthbert Bewcastle, Sunday 19th June 2022

Shankhill School End of Term service:  1.30 pm Wednesday 20th July,  at St Mary Stapleton. All welcome

Admission of Church Wardens: 7pm on Monday, 11th July at St Martin’s Church, Brampton

Kirklinton & Hethersgill PCC: 7pm Monday 27th June, Netheronsett Farm, Hethersgill

Stapleton PCC: 7pm Monday 4th July, Stapleton Public Hall

Bewcastle PCC: 7pm Monday 18th July, High Grains, Bewcastle

If anyone would like to receive communion at home because they find it difficult to attend a church service, or knows of anyone in this situation, please do get in touch with me and I will arrange a date to come round. Similarly, if you know of anyone who would appreciate a visit from their parish priest for whatever reason, do please let me know

Donations towards the cost of the newsletter would be greatly appreciated as we have had some extra costs this year.  Donations can be made direct to your distributor or to Tricia Coombe. Please note that we can no longer accept cheques, cash donations only.  Thank you to those who have donated. 

July   2022———-BENEFICE NEWS———–July    2022

This letter is my second in a set of three about those “Rites of Passage” – Weddings, Christenings and Funerals – which still for many are important events in family and community life.   Because inevitably such occasions are wrapped in “Churchy” language some find them uncongenial – even impossible.   And I understand that.  But I believe they are important not just in their own right, but because they are occasions when somehow God “lifts the veil” to show Himself in action, giving us a glimpse of how He loves people always and everywhere regardless of Faith or circumstance.  Last time we thought about how this can happen in weddings.  In this second letter I want to explore how it can happen at Christenings too.   In particular to suggest what God might say to every person (child or adult) who comes to be baptised.

But first, let’s set the scene.

Centre stage, proud parents with their child wrapped in a freshly laundered shawl (still perhaps smelling slightly of a combination of lavender and mothballs) which has already been worn by Mum, Nan, even Great Nan!  People standing around slightly awkwardly – family, friends and in particular god-parents.  All in posh dresses and suits with haircuts to match.  The moment comes when the priest standing at the Font asks Mum to hand him the child and to pronounce the names.  (Hopefully not the names of every member of the local football team!)  He/she pours a tiny drop of water over the child’s head, announces her names, makes the sign of the cross on her forehead, gives her a tiny kiss of welcome and hands her back to Mum.  Job Done.  Over the years I must have christened hundreds of children and still I find each occasion moving.  And still every time, as I hold the child in my arms, I imagine God saying something like this “Well little one, welcome!  Welcome into my family where you now belong, whoever you are and whatever happens.  For you see you are not just your parent’s child.   You are my child too.   I was there when you were conceived.  There with you during those long nine months when Mum carried you round.  There with you when you were born, as I shall be all your days, until life ended, I call you to myself to love you in a new way.   As you grow up (like everybody else) you will find that life is a mixed bag.  Good times when you feel that life is buzzing – at school or at work, with all your friends.   That moment perhaps when you meet someone you really love and begin a new family of your own!  But there will be times too when it all goes wrong.  When for whatever reason you “screw up” or Life treats you harshly, and you feel lonely, lost, friendless, sad, angry, hurt or afraid.  It’s the same for everyone.  When this happens try to remember that I am with you still.  There beside you to understand, to share, forgive, guide, strengthen and to inspire.  And I can do this you see because in my own life it all once went terribly wrong, and I know from experience what you are going through now.”

I am not so much interested in success stories – in people who always seem to get it right (or at least think they do).  Sometimes such people can have the hardest skins of all!  What truly grabs me is when people are on their beam ends.  Like the two ladies perhaps who were talking, and one lady said to the other “My! Margaret, you look low today”.  To which Margaret replied “You’re right Edith.  I feel today that I could reach right up and touch rock bottom.”  These are times when I believe God says “Let me help you to carry your burdens.  Help you to do with me what you never do or can be on your own.    Remember always, if you forget me I shall not forget you.  If you disown me I will not disown you.  If you give up on me I shall never give up on you.”

All of this is reflected in those two short minutes at the Font.  The Christian names by which we are known personally to God, for the person uniquely He has made us to be.  The splash of water as it were washing away all that part of us which makes us ashamed.  The signing of the cross – an indelible keel mark assuring us that we belong to God for ever.  The kiss of welcome which reminds us that not only are we eternally loved – yes – but that as we are loved by God so God asks us to love others too.

Last!  I believe God would say “If you want to make the most of that love, try to keep in touch.  To this end the Book which some call “Holy Writ” is an infallible guide.  It’s not an easy book, but within it you will find “The Way”.  Worship too is a wonderful method of re-fuelling – as is Prayer.  That daily or weekly time when in whatever way may be yours we look to each other, listen to each other and you give me a chance to give you whatever I know you specially need.”

Inevitably Christenings are occasions which are expressed in “Church Speak” and it’s small wonder that some say “it’s not for me”.  But rightly understood they can be times when we discover that God is close, and that He loves us more than ever words can say.  Which of course is exactly what the Gospel is all about.

Next time we shall look at the merry subject of funerals!  Now there’s a thought!

Bishop John

July    2022———-BENEFICE NEWS———–July     2022

 Tuesday 12th July Kirklinton & District WI  Alice Doyne: Tropic Skincare.  Competition is a Lipstick case and flower of the month

Wednesday 13th July  Stapleton WI  Keith Tattersall will be demonstrating how to work with chocolate.  Competition is an old kitchen utensil.  Visitors are welcome

Sunday 17th July 10.30 am  Bewcastle Heritage Society Memorial Walk and Lunch: an excursion with Mike Jackson.  Lunch at the Hall, please book via Barbara.  Meet at Roadhead Hall

Sunday 24th July 11 am  Bewcastle Heritage Society:  Discover Liddesdale Bridges with George White. Bring a packed lunch, meet at Roadhead Hall, car sharing.

 Saturday 3rd September  Stapleton & Solport Flower and Produce Show Schedules will be available from the Hall and St Mary’s, Stapleton

 Knit and Natter at Stapleton Hall is having a rest for the Summer.  We will resume early September, date to be advised.  Ring Carol on 01697 543094 for information.

Yoga: We hope to bring you details of yoga classes in Hethersgill Hall from June, keep an eye on our Facebook page for details!






















July   2022———-NEWS AND THANKS———–July  2022

 I know the Newsletter is probably not the usual place for correspondence, but I feel I must write to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to all who worked so hard  in our Benefice to organise our Jubilee Celebrations. We felt  privileged to join in many of them and  were amazed at the love, care, and sheer hard work that groups of volunteers had  so brilliantly organised. By any standards the whole week end  was a triumph – so much so that had Her Majesty been able to visit them she too would I am certain have felt both proud and truly chuffed!

 Those involved know who they are, but here’s a simple punter saying they reminded me yet again of just why we are so grateful to have retired to this wonderful part of the world.   + John

The Solport and Stapleton Sports Committee would like to thank all who helped both on the day and during the weeks before to make the Jubilee celebration at Stapleton Hall such a success. It was a fantastic day enjoyed by everyone who came.

                                                      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


The family of Sybella Kaye would like to let the local community know of her recent death in Australia.

Sybella Goodfellow KAYE “Ella” born 21 October 1931 died 2nd May 2022.  Formerly of Fawcettlees, Bewcastle.  Late of Tarraganda, New South Wales, Australia.  Loving mother and mother-in-law of Zara and Jimmy, Ben and Mike.    Dear sister of Hector, Jock, Ernie and the late Bill, Jim, Walter and Mary.  Devoted ‘Grum’ of Hector

                                                    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Kirklinton Church yard up keep. We would all like to appreciate and enjoy seeing this community space kept tidy, however the only way regular upkeep is possible is through voluntary help from the community! Volunteers would be very welcome for strimming, cutting grass etc. Please contact Margaret on 01228675652 or Sandra 01228675510

Shankhill C of E School Nursery education for children, free for children aged 3 plus Mon-Fri 9-12 noon with option to stay for lunch &play until 1pm 01228 577264 office@shankhill.cumbria.sch.uk.
Shankhill Parent & Toddler Group every Wed 1:30 – 3:30pm during term time. 01228 577264.
Shankhill PTA collects printer cartridges. leave donations at School during term time or phone 01228 577264

Bewcastle Primary School Play Group at Bewcastle School, Roadhead, Cumbria, CA6 6PF. Every Monday during term time 9.30am – 11am. From children aged 0– 4 years along with parents/carers, are welcome to come along and join in the fun! £1 per child. For more information contact Emma at Bewcastle School on 016977 48662 or admin@bewcastle.cumbria.sch.uk

Bewcastle Scouts Contact. Simon Barrett 01228 497970  or David Harding 07935172942    bewcastlescouts@gmail.com


Newsletters can be picked up from:  Kirklinton Church porch, Hethersgill Church porch, Stapleton Church, Bewcastle Church, Stapleton Public  Hall Porch, Smithfield Garage office, Garry Phillip’s Garage. Or downloaded : www.Bewcastle.com/news-events,   www.BewcastleHouseOfPrayer.org.uk/parish-notices


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